Water in florida

Water in Florida

Florida Aquifer

 Water companies sink wells into the Aquifer then pump it up and sell it to you.

PROBLEM is we have sandy porous soil so everything that is on ground will work its way into the Aquifer.

Florida’s Pollution Heavyweights


 Where Florida Stands

Most Polluted Areas – Top Ten

1- California

2- Wisconsin

3- North Carolina

4- Florida

5- Texas

6- New York

7- Nevada

8- Pennsylvania

9- Ohio

10- New Mexico

Among the 17 million people exposed to a combination of over 107 contaminants, 9.2 million were exposed to the barium, which seeps into water from drilling and mining runoff as well as erosion on natural deposits. Of these, 25,000 were exposed to amounts of barium that exceeded health limits.

Over 11 million Floridians also may have consumed radium-226, a radioactive element found around uranium deposits that can potentially cause cancer, in their water. And 11,113 people were exposed to excessive amounts of it.

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