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    Why drink and bathe with ordinary tap water, which contains all sorts of impurities? Your entire household can enjoy a better quality of life, with the help of the experts at Barron Services.

    We are a proud Member of The Florida Water Quality Association, and we’re licensed and insured up to $1 million dollars. We provide the greatest products at reasonable rates, and we are Debt Free, which insures that we will be here to service you long after the sale of a great home water filter system.

    At Barron’s, we are YOUR one-stop-shop for all of your home and commercial water purification needs. Let our years of expertise and experience guide you and your family into healthier and better tasting soups, teas, coffees, and other beverages such as homemade lemonade. Pasta and other foods cooked in our delightful filtered water will taste better, and will be healthier for you and your family.

  • Why Barron?

    At Barron Services you will find professionals with over 21 years combined experience in the wonderful world of improving people’s lives with crystal clear, clean, refreshing water in their homes with a magnificent track record, offering great products at very reasonable prices. This makes us your best choice, when shopping for a home water purification system, and you won’t find better service elsewhere. We are proud to have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau!

    Our company’s products are simply the best that you can find and for the price. They say that “You get what you pay for,” and that really is true! Your home needs a good water purification system, and your whole family will benefit. These days there are so many impurities that are found in ordinary tap water. Why use that water to wash your face and to drink?

    Most Americans spend hundreds of dollars a year on skin care products, and most women spend hundreds more on quality cosmetics. Why not use “top quality” and “clean” water to wash your sensitive skin, and bathe your body? When you splash water on your face, for whatever the reason, you want it to be the freshest, cleanest water you can get…don’t you?

    Even when doing the laundry, the type and quality of water will affect the outcome of the clothes. Filtered water can help increase the life-span of some delicate fabrics, and your clothes will feel softer, they will be more comfortable, and more importantly they will be cleaner, and they will last longer. Don’t let your clothes get slowly destroyed by ordinary water.

    We are an Exclusive Dealer of Watershield Products in the Central Florida Area. You will love what we are able to do for you and your family, and our stunning reputation speaks for itself. We have loads of happy and satisfied customers who referred our services, and when we do a sensational job for you, then you will probably recommend us to your family, friends and colleagues as well.